26 December, 2010

New Collaboration, the Return of Influenza, and FMD in S Korea

New Collaboration Announcement
HealthMap is now collaborating with the PathoSystems Resource Integration Center (PATRIC). The goal of PATRIC is to develop bioinformatics resources for the research and countermeasures-development communities based on genomics data. This is part of the biomedical research community’s work to integrate vital information on pathogens, to provide key resources and tools to scientists, and to help researchers to analyze genomic, proteomic and other data arising from infectious disease research. PATRIC provides rich data and analysis tools for all bacterial species in the selected NIAID category A-C priority pathogens list.

As part of this new collaboration, HealthMap has created a visualization for each bacterial pathogen in PATRIC that is associated with an infectious disease. The visualizations are available through PATRIC’s Disease Overview pages to provide users with bacterial infectious disease data in proper context.  The customized HealthMap visualizations are available for PATRIC watchlist pathogens, which can be accessed via the Organism tab on the PATRIC site.

Influenza on the Increase in Europe
Over 300 people have been hospitalized with influenza in Britain, with a majority of cases being due to H1N1 Influenza A.  Northern France continues to see increasing numbers of influenza cases, and on December 22, 2010 two deaths due to H1N1 were announced. France’s Institute for Public Health also stated that influenza activity is near the epidemic threshold.

South Korea Fights Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)
South Korea is working to stem the country’s worst ever outbreak of FMD. Since the 1st outbreak, reported on November 29, 2010, 56 cases have been reported and over 330,000 livestock culled. Two provinces have had confirmed cases (North Gyeongsang and Gyeonggi), and two have reports of suspected cases (Gangwon and Chungcheong).  A vaccination campaign has begun in five cities across the country in an effort to halt the spread of disease.

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