07 April, 2011

Possible Libya Border Camp Outbreak, Gastroenteritis in Ukraine, and Newcastle Disease Hits Israel

Possible Disease Outbreak in Tunisia-Libya Border Camp

On April 4th, a Chinese reporter was barred from entering one of the 4 refugee camps located 5 to 10 miles away from Ras Ajdir along the Tunisia-Libya border. The reason provided by the guide of the camp was that there was an ongoing outbreak within the camp. This particular camp reportedly contains around 15,000 refugees, the real number is unknown as people enter and leave everyday. The reporter observed that outside the camp, the pile-up of discarded tents had begun to emit a foul odor. The truthfulness of this outbreak is unknown and difficult to verify, although outbreaks of skin diseases and eye infections have previously been reported out of the area. Sanitation, clean water and food supply also remain an ever-present challenge.

39 Children with Gastroenteritis in Ukraine

The number of children hospitalized in Donetsk, Ukraine has increased from 30 to 39 with acute intestinal infection believed to be the cause.

The head of the Department of Health, a part of the Donetsk City Council, told reporters on Tuesday that 30 children under the age of 3 were hospitalized with a diagnosis of "food poisoning," as all hospitalized children consumed dairy products.

Local epidemiologists carried collected food samples for testing of bacterial contamination. This infection is typically of light to mild severity in children and subsides after a few days.

Число госпитализированных в Донецке детей с острой кишечной инфекцией выросло с 30 до 39, сообщает в среду пресс-служба МЧС Украины.

Начальник управления здравоохранения Донецкого городского совета Геннадий Нефедов сообщил во вторник журналистам, что 30 детей в возрасте до трех лет попали в больницы Донецка с диагнозом "отравление" . Все госпитализированные дети употребляли продукцию молочной кухни
Заболевание детей проходит в средней и легкой степеней тяжести.

Специалисты городского санитарно-эпидемиологического надзора проводят комплекс санитарно-гигиенических и противоэпидемических мер, отобраны пробы пищевых продуктов молочной кухни для бактериологического исследования, результаты которых планируется получить 6 апреля.

Newcastle Disease Strikes Israel

Poultry producers in Israel are battling an outbreak of Newcastle disease that has cost more than $8.7M USD to date.

As reported on Monday, Secretary of the Association of Poultry Farmers, Yaakov Cohen, stated that this has affected more than 70 farms across Israel. As a result chickens, turkeys and guinea fowl of the affected farms must be destroyed and the farms must be placed under quarantine.

Newcastle disease primarily affects domestic and wild birds, although the disease can cause conjunctivitis and influenza-like-illness in humans exposed to infected birds.

The Poultry Growers Association noted that, despite this occurrence, no shortage of meat or eggs in the coming Passover holiday would occur.

Вспышка болезни Ньюкасла причинила ущерб на сумму более 30 миллионов шекелей. Пострадали израильские производители птицы.

Как сообщил в понедельник секретарь Ассоциации птицеводов Яаков Коэн, пострадали более 70 хозяйств. Там подлежат уничтожении все куры, индейки и цесарки, а фермы помещены под карантин.

Хотя болезнь поражает птиц, она не оказывает никакого воздействия на человеческий организм.
Ассоциация производителей птицы отмечает, что, несмотря на произошедшее, никакой нехватки мяса или яиц в предстоящий праздник Песах не будет.

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