22 July, 2011

1st ever Hantavirus death in Peru & Mexico’s 1st measles case since 2007

Photo credit: r.i.c.h.
Hantavirus blamed for death in Peru
A 29-year-old woman is Peru’s first ever Hanatavirus death.  The woman worked as a tour guide Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest.  Health officials are warning people to wear a mask when cleaning rooms that have been closed up for a long period of time.

Hantavirus can cause severe respiratory disease.  It is present on the feces of many species of mice.  Humans may become infected when they clean mouse droppings.  Hence, a face mask is recommended when sweeping or cleaning any location that has mouse droppings.

First case of measles in Mexico since 2007
An 18-month-old French girl who recently arrived in Mexico has been diagnosed with measles. Health officials are trying to locate the other passengers who were aboard her plane, and the Mexico City neighborhood where she is staying is under quarantine. The 2007 case of measles was in a traveler; no Mexican national has been diagnosed with measles in Mexico since 2004.

The case is yet another example of the risks of low vaccination rates in other countries. Recent measles cases in Boston, Massachusetts were linked to a French consulate worker. The United Kingdom believes its surge in cases is due to contact with people in France and other European countries where outbreaks have been spreading.

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